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Augment your Workforce.

See how LiveXchange provided an on-demand, virtual workforce at a 30% savings over the traditional FTE model


Everything you need can be delivered in a single, simple platform. You can take back control.

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With a gig workforce spread around the world, you can cover customer requests at any time since the internet makes it easy. 

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GigCX's scalability is specifically useful for highly seasonal demand in sectors such as retail and travel


LiveXchange Retail Case study-3


Secure WorkSpace software turns any computer into a Level 1 PCI-certified workstation


LiveXchange Retail Case study-3


Outcome-based payments and no overhead mean much lower costs and a better bottom line


GigCX Offers A Path To The Future Of Work

Gartner has estimated that by 2023, the gig worker model will account for 35% of the customer service workforce.  

GigCX is used by some of the most iconic, recognizable, and influential brands around the world, from Microsoft to L’Oréal to eBay.